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First Aid Kit!

First aid kit to have on hand when you call me for help
Call for dosing for younger kids, pregnancy and Breast feeding.  There are so many variables when determining these doses or safety.
Homeopathy, regardless of dose is safe for any age.  Usually higher doses of homeopathy is better for the little ones (backwards of what one would think)

Per the FDA- officially nothing can be recommended.  All this is heresay so consult with your doctor.  FDA doesn't like homeopathy and essential oils so take all this at your own risk.  ;-)

You don’t have to do ALL of these but pick and choose some so you have options.  IF you don’t get better, get help.  You could have the wrong diagnosis

You can get these supplements on my website under Fullscript or Kaerwell at  or Health Connections in Lincolnton or Amazon #supportlocalbusiness
Flu, colds, viruses, strep etc

Homeopathic Belladonna, aconitum, influenzinum, chamomilla, ledum, hypericum, arsenicum album, Rhus Tox, sulfur, influenzinum, kali muriaticum 

Acute dosing of homeopathy for sudden need like illness or injury- 3 pellets every 15 minutes up to 1-2 hours.  If better, continue as needed.  If not then stop and switch to another.  

Top oils- peppermint, helichrysum, copaiba, frankincense, tea tree oil, lavender, RC
There are many more uses of these oils and homeopathy but these are super common ones.  

Popular herbals/vitamins for acute illness- Echinacea with Goldenseal, Vitamin C, vitamin D liquid, vitamin A liquid, Host Defense Comprehensive Immune support, Astragalus (super good for flu), elderberry syrup

Simply saline spray, cotton sock, dry wool socks (for colds and sinusitis)
Teas – ginger, cayenne, lemon , chamomile
Garlic bulbs for sore throat

Essential oils- Thieves, peppermint , lavender, Frankincense, Helichrysum, RC,  ( I am fine with Young Living, Doterra or other good brands too) , Digize

Flu – either oscillococcinum, influenzinum plus aconitum for sudden onset of flu symptoms.  Pick oscillo or the influenzinum and alterate every 15-30 minutes with aconitum until better,  Usually works if you catch it fast.  Also elderberry syrup and astragalus dose it every few hours, Works for prevention as well as treatment.  

Cold blog.

Sinusitis-  make a neti pot with essential oils- 8 T neti salts, 10 drops of rosemary, 6 drops of tea tree oil.  Mix and use ½-1 tsp per neti solution, rinse twice daily, tingles a bit, can use 7-10 days. 

Bronchitis- If you catch it when it goes from the cold to the chest cold, start phytocillin right away 1 dropper 4-5 times per day.  Can also put several drops of Tea tree oil in boiling water and inhale.

Croup - Kali muriaticum for that barky cough, can do 3 pellets every 15-30 minutes when bad, humid air like the shower or cold air this winter (go for a ride), RC to the chest and feet, "magic socks"

Surgery- Oils- Copaiba, frankincense, helichrysum, homeopathy- arnica, staphysagria.  Alternate arnica 3 pellets and staphysagria 3 pellets once the night before, the morning off and then every 3 Hours after surgery/procedure.  For pain control- 5 drops of copaiba and frankincense in a gelatin capsule every few hours for pain, helichrysum topically for bruising.   Can use frankincense, neroli,  and lavender topically afterwards around the wound early on once bandages are removed and over the scar once closed to help with scarring. 

Infected nail bed or ingrown toenail- Epsom salt soaks, blend of tea tree, frankincense, and lavender in a carrier oil and apply several times per day. 

Burns- egg whites immediately, aloe vera plant gel, if you rinse with water, use warm not cold (like heals like).  After can use combo of one or more of frankincense, lavender, roman chamomile, calendula, neroli  but Frankincense and Lavender are key

Contact dermatitis- get Sulfur and Rhus Tox homeopathic remedies.  Pick one and take 3 pellets every 15 minutes up to two hours.  If better, then continue. If not then switch to the other and repeat.  If still not better then it isn't going to work and you need to try other remedies like calamine lotion, steroid creams or oral steroids if severe.  

GI Activated charcoal 1 capsule every few hours for possible bad food or early signs of gastroenteritis. Can put in charcoal for kids. 

Muscle strains- Epsom salt, peppermint oil or Panaway/Deep Blue

Trauma/lacerations- arnica ( bruising, bleeding), staphysagria (cuts), helichrysum essential oil for bleeding, 

Finger and toe injuries or pain that is lancinating or nerve like, including shingles- Hypericum homeopathic for the nerve pain, ledum for the digit injuries. 

Travel- probiotics, arsenicum alba homeopathic (traveler’s diarrhea) , nux vomica homeopathic  ( nausea/hangovers), plus other remedies listed for nausea, colds, trauma 

Motion sickness nux vomica, suck on a lime, motion sickness bands “Relief Band” (like a tens unit for the wrist) , peppermint oil to the stomach, ginger tea or capsules

Food allergy rash/whole body itchy rash- Urtica Urens ( especially for food allergy)  and Histaminum homeopathic , or standard Benadryl

Bee Stings. Homepathic SSSSting stop.  Lavender. Tobacco paste ( yes I know it is otherwise bad for you) 

Tick bites- Tick remover stick, frankincense topically, homeopathic Ledum 3 pellets every few hours for a few days and send the tick off to for assessment for lyme etc. 

homeopathic Belladonna – good for sudden onset of pain/fever, great for flu or sore throat, even strep.  

homeopathic Chamomilla is good for the whiney, clingy kid with ear infections, sore throat, etc.
homeopathic Aconitum for flu like illness, sudden onset of fever

Sore throat- do some saline irrigation to be sure it isn’t just postnasal drainage. If still painful, can start chewing and eating garlic bulbs until you stink or it is better.  Can do homeopathy as a above.  Some love colloidal silver

Shingles blog-  need vitamins A, C, D and L-Lysine

This is a great post on febrile seizures from Ashley Everly - Get Calcium Lactate-


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