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Thoughts on the Coronavirus

For novices like me, when you see a purple colored word, if you click on that, you can see the study I am referring to. 8-)

Update March 21, 2020- As expected, the numbers are higher and the ICU's are overcrowded in some hospitals and no one has enough protective gear to keep them safe.  That means everyone from the doctors, nurses, medical assistants, respiratory therapists, to janitors.  People's tempers are running short and everyone is afraid.  Still the numbers look like about 2% mortality but Germany's is much lower because they have enough supplies for treatment and safety.  Such a shame that the CDC pandemic team ( not to the fault of funding)  did not plan for even basic things.  So we have a lot of people suffering from lack of protection but as a result, also lost jobs, wages etc.  We have to practice social distancing to help prevent the overwhelm of the ICU's but also we need to love one another to overcome these tough times.  I really think the mortality…