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Thoughts on the Coronavirus

For novices like me, when you see a purple colored word, if you click on that, you can see the study I am referring to. 8-)

Update April 25, 2020- We are at the point of almost doing a slow open of the state.  Praying that we find peace between all sides as there is a lot of emotion from every direction.  The person who has lost a loved one or has a sick loved one that may die alone whether from Coronavirus or otherwise, has a lot of fear about opening up.  The person who is about to lose everything, life savings, their business etc and they fear not being able to feed their families.  Bankruptcy and poverty is directly associated with mortality and significant morbidity.  Both sides are suffering real death and suffering so hopefully we can move out of our zones to recognize the fear and sadness of the other and work together.  Currently a lot of politics and emotions is driving decision making.  We need prayers and unity more than ever.  Social media/regular media is driving us apa…