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My Patient Info Sheet for the Flu Vaccine for Informed Consent.

Patient Info Sheet for the Flu Vaccine for Informed Consent Cammy Benton, MD

For the Pro side, please visit the
It is important to review both sets of data to make an informed decision.

1.Jefferson T, Di Pietrantonj C, Rivetti A, Bawazeer GA, Al ... (n.d.). Retrieved from ·Collaboration report included 40 clinical trial studies of more than 70,000 people a perfectly matched year, it showed up to 80% benefit.  ·But since they don’t often match the flu strains perfectly, it listed 50% effectiveness, to as low as 30% effectiveness, with the flu vaccine. So just as many people theoretically benefited as didn’t on an average year.   ·It showed modest days lost from work with the vaccine and NO evidence was found to decrease hospitalization or complication rates.  ·Another analysis put it this way: When the vaccine matched the flu strain, 4 percent who weren’t vaccinated got …