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First Aid Kit!

First aid kit to have on hand when you call me for help Call for dosing for younger kids, pregnancy and Breast feeding.  There are so many variables when determining these doses or safety. Homeopathy, regardless of dose is safe for any age.  Usually higher doses of homeopathy is better for the little ones (backwards of what one would think) Per the FDA- officially nothing can be recommended.  All this is heresay so consult with your doctor.  FDA doesn't like homeopathy and essential oils so take all this at your own risk.  ;-) You don’t have to do ALL of these but pick and choose some so you have options.  IF you don’t get better, get help.  You could have the wrong diagnosis You can get these supplements on my website under Fullscript or Kaerwell at   or Health Connections in Lincolnton or Amazon #supportlocalbusiness   Flu, colds, viruses, strep etc Homeopathic Belladonna, aconitum, influenzinum, chamomilla, ledum