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Elderberry versus Tamiflu?

Go team Sweet’s Syrup!! You can probably guess my answer being an Integrative Physician.   I figure since pharmacists say “only 2 % “ of children have a risk of psychosis as a side effect I don’t want my kids to be one of those 2%.   As a friend posted on my page, Siri says there are 73.9 million children ages 0-17 in the US.   2% of that is 1,478,000.   Um.   No thanks! In my blog , I explain why I wouldn’t get a flu shot either but I digress. So since I have plenty of evidence as to why the flu shot is not effective, we all know that whether you get the flu vaccine or not, you can indeed get the flu, even if the same strain is found in the flu vaccine.   “They say” that it won’t be as severe or you won’t have complications if you get the flu vaccine but the data does not support that either.   So now you have a choice to do Tamiflu or go au natural and try some elderberry syrup.   I personally go for elderberry syrup and think it is reasonable for your average h