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Who is under stress? Here is how I got myself out of a mess

Years ago, I was struggling working 55+ hours per week with two toddlers at home and I thought I was going to lose my mind!   I was not enjoying the gifts God had given me like I knew I should.  I was short tempered and impatient and simply not happy.  I went to my first holistic conference where they discussed stress management and I was convinced I didn't have time to do it. After realizing I was the debbie downer, I realized, I needed to make a change.  The world was going to go on with or without me so how could I change my perception of the world around me so I could be more present and enjoy it and not let life bring me down.  After I followed the following steps, within two short weeks, I was no longer waking at 2-3 am wide awake.  Bedtime was spent reading and enjoying my girls instead of griping at them to go to sleep.  That meant they went to sleep easier since I wasn't stressing them out which meant I was able to go work downstairs more efficiently because I was